From the President’s desk………


Welcome to the 36th Anniversary of Tanzanite Toronto. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Past Presidents, their Committees, Families, Friends and Volunteers for their dedication, time, contributions and for keeping the Tanzanite spirit alive over the past 35 years.

Tanzanite Toronto has been blessed to have our Youth & Young Adults participate and contribute over the years. I am fortunate to have as part of my Committee, young adults who are full of ideas, enthusiasm, energy and willing to share their talents. With guidance, our Youth & Young Adults will be well on their way to becoming leaders in our midst.

My Committee & I have planned many great events for the upcoming year, like a Children’s Christmas Tree Party, Indoor Volleyball Tourney, Whist Drive, Morning at Home, Health Care Forum, Picnic, Scavenger Hunt and the Anniversary Gala. We look forward to seeing you at these events.

One event on the agenda where I would like to focus on, is “Health Care”. This is an area that requires a better understanding of our responsibility and the Health Care System as we see it.

The Health Care system is considerably overworked and in need of drastic changes. My own family was drawn into the Health Care system and in trying to deal with some of the drawbacks, there was a lot I came to accept as the “norm“, and work around. While I know the changes will not happen during the course of my term, I intend to ensure that the Tanzanite Toronto Community is aware of the challenges and their impact. More importantly, I want to try and alleviate the lingering concerns we might ignore: “It will never happen to me”.

The Health Care Forum that I plan to have with Professionals, I hope will make us, as a Community, less vulnerable and more prepared as our health commences to be an important factor. This does not apply to the elderly with health challenges, but also to the ones who will be a part of their support group.

My Committee and I look forward to sharing a very exciting, fun-filled year with you!



Stephen de Souza

President Tanzanite Toronto 2018